Florida Strawberry Loadings Picking Up; Vegetables Remain Light

Florida Strawberry Loadings Picking Up; Vegetables Remain Light

DSCN6953Here’s an update on light to moderate Florida produce loading opportunities.

Florida strawberry shipments this season will come from product off of 11,000 acres in the Plant City area.  Those plantings are expected to yield about 42 million flats of eight 1-pound clamshells, up from last season’s 38 million to 40 million flats.

Although a few farmers harvest through mid-April, most grower-shippers finish packing by mid- to late March.

More normal supplies and shipments of Florida strawberries are expected anytime now.  In mid- and late December, shipments were only about two-thirds of normal due to warmer than normal weather.

Strawberry shipments are hitting about 200 truckloads per week now, but this number should increase significantly in the days ahead.

Florida Vegetable Shipments

Meanwhile, tomato shipments easily lead the pack when looking a vegetable loadings.  About 400 truckloads of tomatoes are being shipped per week from central and southern Florida locations.

There are a number other vegetables in Florida being shipped in light volume ranging from bell peppers to radishes and eggplant, among others.  However, Florida certainly isn’t a panacea for finding produce loads this time of the year.  But loadings overall in the Eastern time zone of the U.S. this time of year, prompts us to give you as much information as possible.   At best, Florida loadings most likely will involve multiple pick ups and drops.

Florida produce – grossing about $2600 to New York City.