A Glimpse at Leading Western USA Shipping Areas

A Glimpse at Leading Western USA Shipping Areas

014We’re in the lightest time of the year for domestic produce shipments, so here’s a look at the Western USA where the heaviest volume loadings are taking place.

Washington Apple Shipments

While there is no record volume this season, it is still a good sized crop that is averaging around 3000 truck load equivalents weekly from the Yakima and Wenatchee valleys.  There’s also pears available in much lighter volume.

Washington apples – grossing about $6100 to New York City.

Yuma Arizona Vegetables

Head lettuce and romaine easily lead the lettuce family in volume with the two items averaging about 1875 trucks per week from the Yuma district.  There’s also lettuce, in much in lighter volume, coming out of California’s nearby Imperial Valley.  Other veggies also are available to help fill out loads.

Desert vegetables – grossing about $4700 to Atlanta.

Nogales Produce Shipments

Dozens of different Mexican vegetables are crossing the border here, although it sure seems volume is lighter than usual, in what is normally the peak season for volume.  Tomatoes (vine ripe, cherry and grape) lead the pack with about 1500 truckloads per week.  Bell peppers are shipping about one-half this amount in volume.

Idaho Potato Shipments

Spuds are available for the nation’s leading shipper.  About 1750 truckload equivalents are shipping each week, with rail handling a much higher percentage than with produce items from most other shipping areas.

Idaho potatoes – grossing about $3000 to Chicago.

Idaho / Oregon Onion Shipments

It seems all onion shipping areas from around the country have lighter volume this season.  Heaviest volume is coming from Western Idaho and Malhuer County, Oregon, averaging about 750 truck loads per week.