Colorado Potato Shipping Update; California Avocados to Increase

Colorado Potato Shipping Update; California Avocados to Increase

007Only one state is shipping more potatoes than Colorado right now, plus soaring shipments are possible for the new California avocado shipping season.

Colorado is averaging around 750 truck loads of potatoes being shipped weekly, second only to Idaho.  Colorado’s San Luis Valley has remained relatively stable in recent years, with a 4-5 percent fluctuation depending on rotation of the crops.

In 2o15 plantings for the crop, which are now being shipped stood at 51,000 acres.  Conventional spuds took up 47,000 acres, and organics accounted for 4,000 acres.  Russets amounted to 38,540 acres in conventionals and 3,280 in organics.  There were 2,820 acres in conventional red potatoes and 240 acres in organics.  Yellows had 3,290 acres in conventional and 280 in organics.  Specialty potatoes had 2,350 acres in conventional, 200 in organics.

Colorado has finally been getting decent rains and snow packs and looking ahead to the 2016 planting and growing seasons, a lot of people are optimistic there will be a good crop and shipments.

Colorado potato shipments grossing about $1700 to Dallas.

California Avocado Shipments

The upcoming California avocado crop is projected to be 392.5 million pounds, which amounts to a 40 percent increase in shipments from last year.  Rains in California have certainly helped, plus the alternate-bearing nature of the trees is expected to have an effect on this year’s crop.  The Hass variety, California’s main avocado variety, tends to have a heavy crop, followed by lighter volume the next season.   During the last two years, California avocado shipments have been lighter and the trees are ready to produce again.

Shipments of California avocados start to build up in March with peak loadings occurring between April and August with availability into September and October.

Southern California, citrus, vegetables – grossing about $3700 to Dallas.