Outlook for Domestic Fruit Shipments are Good

Outlook for Domestic Fruit Shipments are Good

DSCN7161Total domestic apple and grape shipments are expected to be up this season, while a drop in pear and peach loadings is seen.  California raspberry loads also are lagging.

Apple, Pear, Peach Shipments

U.S. apple and grape shipments are expected to increase in 2016, while pear and peach volume will decline, according to a USDA report.

About 10.4 billion pounds of apples will be produced in the U.S. this season.  The Fruit and Tree Nuts Outlook from the USDA’s Economic Research Service reports the 2016 apple crop is on track to be 4 percent larger than last year’s crop and the fourth-largest since 2000.

California grape shipments are expected to hit 15.6 billion pounds in 2016, up 2 percent from 2015.  The increase comes despite persistent drought in California, the top producing state.

The number of pear shipments in the U.S. this season, however, is predicted to fall 5 percent, with about 1.56 billion pounds being shipped.  That would be the lowest U.S. total in more than 20 years.  The top three states for pear shipments, Washington, Oregon and California, are expected to be down between 2 and 4 percent.

U.S. peach loadings also will be down this season with a total of 1.61 billion pounds  That would be 5 percent below last year, and it would be the seventh consecutive year U.S. peach volumes have declined.

Washington’s Yakima Valley apples and pears – grossing about $6200 to Boston.

California’s San Joaquin Valley table grapes – grossing about $5000 to Atlanta.

California Raspberry Shipments

California raspberry shipments so far this season has been about 122 million pounds shipped, down from 143 million pounds.  Around 4.1 million pounds of raspberries were shipped in the U.S. during the week ending October 1, off from 5.3 million pounds last year at the same time and 4.5 million pounds the previous week.

California’s Watsonville district strawberries, raspberries – grossing about $4100 to Dallas.

California’s Salinas Valley vegetables – grossing about $6300 to New York City.