Early Fall Florida Vegetable Volume to be Lighter Than Normal

Early Fall Florida Vegetable Volume to be Lighter Than Normal
dscn8610Florida fall vegetable volume for the majority of items is expected to be pretty normal over all, although early season loadings will be lighter than usual.
While that is good news, keep in mind that these loadings of items ranging from bell peppers to cucumbers and squash, plus other southern vegetables is relatively light, especially compared to Florida’s primary shipping season for vegetables, which is in the spring.  This also results in multiple picks and drops, so keep this in mind when considering produce freight rates.
After heavy September and October rains, pepper harvesting is expected to begin with variable yields and quality, while green bean loadings are expected to start with lower than normal volume.  Last season, record winter rainfall harmed quality of many items.
Early indications point to Florida having over all good quality crop, with that quality being much better that last year.  This year the weather is much improved, with warmer temperatures and rain, resulting in a very good growing season.
Florida Specialties Inc. of Immokalee is a grower and shipper of  green beans, eggplant and peppers.  It began harvesting bell peppers in mid-November right on schedule in Southern Florida and also like to looks of its vegetables in central Florida.
Branch: A Family of Farms, is based in South Bay, FL, began harvesting sweet corn in mid November.  The company also handles many other vegetables ranging from green beans to cabbage, escarole, endive, cilantro, lettuce, celery, parsely and radicchio, among other items, with operations also in Georgia and Colorado, in season.
The Florida tomato shipments got underway in late October for mature greens and grape tomatoes in small normal early fall volumes.
DiMare Co., of Homestead, FL is facing reduced tomato yields with early season volumes due to rains.
In central Florida, the cabbage harvest has just started, but decent volume is not expected until early January.
Florida tomatoes and vegetables – grossing about $1800 to Chicago.