Shipping Outlook: Imported Citrus and Grapes, etc.

Shipping Outlook: Imported Citrus and Grapes, etc.

FDSCN7649rom the first arrival of South African citrus this week, to a better than expected loadings of Mexican grapes, here’s a shipping update.  It also includes New Jersey blueberry shipments and California strawberry shipments.

The first boat with summer citrus from South Africa is scheduled to arrive at the port of Philadelphia on June 24th, on schedule with past years.

The arrival of South African citrus plays an important role in the availability of easy peelers, Navel oranges and grapefruit during the summer months.

Mexican Grape Shipments

After exporting its 14 millionth box during the week of June 14, Mexico is on track to surpass the initial preseason total estimate of 14,171,000 boxes.

The industry is currently seeing around 15 to 20% extra volume this season, according to a Fresh Produce Association of the Americas press release.  The revised crop estimate for the state of Sonora is now in the 16 to 18 million box range.   Crossings at Nogales, AZ, are occurring daily, with over 300,000 boxes a day, and are expected to continue for the next two to three weeks.

Mexican grapes crossing at Nogales, AZ – grossing about $3800 to Chicago.

Blueberry Shipments

New Jersey blueberry shipments have started for Atlantic Blueberry Company, a major blueberry shipper in the state.

Established in 1935, Atlantic Blueberry Company, fully owned by the Galletta family, is a local family farm.   Art Galletta, president of the blueberry operation, works hand in hand with second, third and now fourth generation Galletta grandchildren too work the farm. “We were taught to always get along with each other and to work hard.  With this, good things happen,” says Art.

Total production, volume and shipments out of New Jersey looks to be similar to last year.

Strawberry Shipments

Improved weather conditions over last year has many optimistic California strawberry shipments will be much improved this year.

Strawberry shipments are now consistent with last year even though there was  a later start this spring due to rain.   While the cumulative volume is below the totals from 2015, the weekly volume shipments are about the same as last year moving heading towards July.  This is good news for projected shipments as the season moves further into summer.

Watsonville strawberries and Salinas vegetables – grossing about $7300 to New York City.