Produce Shipping: from NJ to GA and CA

Produce Shipping: from NJ to GA and CA

DSCN7605Here’s a shipping update that includes New Jersey vegetables to Georgia onions and avocados from California and Mexico.

Cool spring weather in New Jersey has led to a slow start with vegetables, but warmer weather is resulting in progress.  For example, asparagus shipments have been about one-half of what there were this time a year ago – only about 6,000 cartons a week.  Asparagus loadings should continue through June.

Over 100 different New Jersey fruits and vegetables are shipping from spring to fall.  Among the leading items in the weeks and months ahead are lettuces, parsley, leafy and cilantro, in addition to asparagus.  There’s also vegetables ranging from lettuces,  to parsley, leafy greens and cilantro.

How availability of peaches will be is still up in the air due to some adverse growing conditions, but initial reports indicate volume will be down this year.  Likewise, blueberry volume is still too early to predict, although it sounds as if Jersey “blues” may fare better than peaches.

Much of New Jersey’s produce shipments originate from Southern areas of the state such as Cedarville, Hammonton, and Buena.

Vidalia Onion Shipments

Many are calling the Vidalia sweet onion crop the best in decades.  Fresh shipping have been completed and storages in Southeastern Georgia are reported full.  Onion shipments from storage should continue through August.

Vidalia onion shipments – grossing about $2800 to New York City.

Avocado Shipments

In late May, those California growers were sending about 18 million pounds per week to the market. Mexico was around 30 million pounds and expected to drop to closer to 25 million pounds per week for much of June. He expects California production to peak at around 19 million to 20 million pounds and stay in that arena through maybe mid-June.

In July, Calavo has estimated that California’s production will drop into the 15 million-pounds-per-week level and August will see a further decline.

By around May 20, California had shipped close to 40 percent of its estimated 2016 volume of 390 million pounds. Another 100 million pounds should be shipped by the end of June, leaving a very manageable volume for the final few months of the season.

Southern California avocados – grossing about $6700 to New York City.