Western Shipping: from WA Cherries to CA Spuds

Western Shipping:  from WA Cherries to CA Spuds

DSCN7466Decent loading opportunities for Yakima and Wenatchee Valley cherries are upon us.  Meanwhile, California spud loadings are now available from Kern County.

Washington cherry shipments are now forecast to be up 7.5 percent from last year’s 19.3 million boxes.   Strong volume of early varieties led by the Rainier  is expected to be similar in volume to last year — 1.7 million 15-pound boxes.

Initial loadings got underway around  May 23-25.   About 200,000 boxes of cherries were expected to be shipped by the end of May.

The weeks mid-June through mid-July should produce the largest shipments.   Producers are also talking about a compression of The 2016 Washington cherry season is expected to be somewhat “compressed” because different cherry varieties in different locations are seen maturitying at the same time.

To be more specific, Bing cherries will be getting underway on or about June 1st.  Volumes in the Bing variety are light this season due to pollination problems. Peak shipments of Bings are expected from June 5th until June 20th.

Rainier cherries will being increasing in early June and peak loadings should occur between June 13 and June 25.  Final shipments will take place in early July.

Kern County Potato Shipments

After a 20-year decline in russet potato shipments from Kern County, California, there’s zero acres this year.  The area simply couldn’t compete with places like Idaho and Washington state.  However, over the years Kern County has replaced russets with red, gold and white potatoes.

This season, the golds are up about 20 percent with an additional 300 acres, now totaling over 1,800-acres.  Reds still lead the way with over 2,000 acres, followed by the white rose potato at about 1,100 acres. There’s also much fewer shipments of specialty potatoes, such as fingerlings.

Kern County is a major shipper of carrots and is currently averaging around 375 truck loads per week.

Kern County potatoes and carrots – grossing about $3600 to Dallas.