Drain the Swamp Hell….Nuke the Swamp!

Drain the Swamp Hell….Nuke the Swamp!

IMG_6364By Larry Oscar
Well, it’s that time again. Time to rant about some ignorant thing our left wing emotional liberals have done.  But I guess we conservatives should not gloat so much.

It’s sort of like playing chess with the dog.  The recent events have given us all pause to examine our values in greater depth. This country was built on diversity and that includes a diversity of opinion. That was what we taught children back in the day.

For some reason liberals think diversity ends at race now.  I guess their little minds just can’t comprehend diversity being more cosmological.  Diversity is actually rather simple.  Just look at the universe around us.  Our planet has a rich diversity of life that encompasses more than 100 million species. The truth is no one really knows how many species our planet has.  100 million is just a WAG by most scientists.

Guess what folks…diversity is the norm rather than the exception.  For decades now we have heard those on the left preach diversity and now it becomes obvious they didn’t even know what they were talking about.  The reality is that my left wing liberal friends are dumber than dirt.  Diversity is NOT limited to race!  I know, I know, that is a social shock to the tender ears of a liberal, so let them run for their “safe rooms”, but it is the truth.  It was written somewhere that “the truth shall make you free”.  Gee, I wonder who said that?

You see, diversity comes in all forms.  There is diversity in individual abilities, individual thought, individual speech, and even individual wealth.  And the list goes on. If the human species on this planet is to survive we must recognize that diversity in all aspects of human existence is a natural right of the individual.  Our founding fathers understood we are all equal before God and the law. We are not equal in abilities, looks, wealth, or much of anything else.  And it is NOT the governments job to attempt such a foolhardy endeavor as to “make us equal in everything.”

By trying to do so our government has promoted inequality.  The government has, in the fog of stupidity, attempted to “right the wrongs of the past”.  The government has created an atmosphere of intolerance and discrimination.  Common sense tells us that two wrongs don’t’ make a right.

For decades our government has promoted a policy of “affirmative action” which by it’s very nature is discriminatory.   You don’t punish the sons for the sins of the fathers. That creates resentment and is divisive.  Our government takes the earnings from workers paychecks to fund handouts for people so fat cat politicians can “buy” their votes.  If politicians offered one cent for a vote they would be in jail.  Tell me, what’s the difference in offering money for your vote or a government handout paid for by some other American worker’s earnings?

Corruption is corruption and it doesn’t make any difference what party you are with.  For nearly a decade now the Dumbocrats have ran on a platform of jealousy and envy of the successful people among us.  They have promoted a “war on success,” and even instilled in the minds of the Millennials a “right” to live off of the hard work of others.  If anybody wants to know why “we the people” are angry just let them listen to old ferret faced Mitch McConnell tell us that President Trump has “excessive expectations.” Are you kidding me?

These bozo Republicans have lied to us for seven years and told us they had a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. “Just give us your vote” they cried, and when they finally got our vote they betrayed us.  “We the people” may be facing what my ancestors, who came to this country in 1743, faced.  We may be approaching a climate of revolution!

Many of us who voted in the elections of 2016 thought this was the last hope to save our country from the tyranny of big government.  It was the fear of the tyranny of big government that was responsible for the second amendment to our Constitution.  Now the liberals are trying to do away with our second amendment as they spew vicious attacks on our beloved Constitution.

Our liberal friends would be wise to take note.  They may just get a taste of the wrath of patriots who live by the words of Patrick Henry.  And you may see a day of reckoning for those of you who think you have a “right” to mooch off of your fellow countrymen.  I was shocked when Vladimir Putin threw 755 US diplomats out of Russia. Who would have ever thought that we had 755 diplomats in Russia in the first place?  As it turns out we had over 1200 diplomats in Russia. Go Vlad. And I bet almost all of these blood suckers are earning over six figures of tax payer earned dollars.

Drain the swamp hell…nuke the swamp!