Fewer Granny Smiths Remain in Storage, but Overall More Apples to be Shipped

Fewer Granny Smiths Remain in Storage, but Overall More Apples to be Shipped

DSCN9474June 1st the amount of fresh granny smiths remaining in storage stood at 2.12 million cartons, down a whopping  54 percent from the same time last year and 45 percent from two years ago.  Meanwhile, other U.S. fresh market apples being held in storage on June 1st were up 12 percent over year-ago levels and 5 percent greater than the five-year average, according to the last monthly report from the U.S. Apple Association this season.

The granny smith volume in the U.S. was short from the start of the crop year, but the gap compared with last year was not as far.  The first storage report of the season from U.S. Apple, issued on November 1st, showed there were 13.78 million cartons of granny smiths to be hauled, off 12 percent from the 2015 November 1 figure.

The apple industry had shipped about 85 percent of the granny crop by early June, compared with 73 percent shipped at the same time last year.

New crop granny smith is expected to get underway around October 1st.

California granny smith loadings will begin by mid- to late August.  In the 2015-16 season, California shipped about 443,000 cartons of granny smith apple, about 25 pecent of the state’s total fresh apple shipments.

Chilean packers are pretty much finishing up granny smith apples now, with sporadic controlled atmosphere rooms expected to open as late as July or early August. Some Chilean granny smith shipments have experienced bruising and bitter pit issues this year.

Yakima Valley, WA apple and pear shipments – grossing about $4200 to Chicago.

More Overall Apples in Storage

Total fresh U.S. apples remaining in storage as of June 1st was 25.4 million cartons, 12 percent above the same time a year ago but 15 percent lower than two years ago.  The U.S. Apple Association plans to release the 2017-18 crop estimate August 25th, and the first storage report for that crop will be issued in early November.
Washington state apples accounted for 24.03 million cartons (95 percent) of total U.S. fresh apple holdings on June 1st.