Jersey “Blues” Shipments in Final Stretch; Washington Baby Carrot Processing Facility is Ready

Jersey “Blues” Shipments in Final Stretch; Washington Baby Carrot Processing Facility is Ready

DSCN2867+1While New Jersey “blues” are entering the final leg of the blueberry shipping season, carrot loading opportunities out of Washington state will increase significantly this year.

Entering the second week of July, 2017 New Jersey blueberry shipments were about 65 percent completed.  Grower-shippers here were already describing it as one of the better seasons in years.  Jersey “blues” should wrap up during the first week of August.

This season is marked by more fresh market and fewer “blues” for processing than usual.  Normally, about 80 percent of Jersey blueberries go to the fresh market, with the balance going to processors.  Looking towards the end of the current season, some observers believe nearly 90 percent will end up in the fresh market .

Washington Carrot Shipments

By Grimmway Farms

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – Grimmway Farms, a global produce leader and the world’s largest producer of carrots, July 18th announced it has activated its Pasco, WA., baby carrot processing facility to provide customers with freight savings and additional shipping options during the July – November harvesting season.

“We’re pleased to offer more shipping options to our customers in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada.  Providing access to our baby carrots through this additional resource allows these customers to better serve their markets,” said Jeff Huckaby, president of Grimmway Farms.  “Our Pasco facility is a great option for customers and distribution centers that manage high volumes of both conventional and organic varieties of our baby carrots.  We look forward to leveraging this facility to provide our customers with an outstanding experience throughout this busy harvest season.”

Grimmway’s Pasco facility was modeled after the company’s Malaga facility – its premier baby carrot processing facility located in Arvin, CA – which was designed for optimal efficiency and minimal waste.

Following two seasons of small runs, 2017 marks the first time that Grimmway’s Pasco facility is being operated at larger capacity to enhance customer shipping logistics of orange cut and peeled baby carrots – the company’s most popular item.  Customers who obtain other types of produce from growers in the Pacific Northwest can combine Grimmway’s baby carrots with other commodities via the Pasco facility to reduce their transportation and logistical costs.

To  contact the Grimmway Farms’ Pasco facility, call (661) 391-5290.