Peruvian “Grass” Imports to Peak Soon; WI Spudmobile on Tour with Start of Season

Peruvian “Grass” Imports to Peak Soon; WI Spudmobile on Tour with Start of Season

SpudmobilePeruvian “grass” (asparagus) imports by the U.S. will be peaking soon.  At the same time in Wisconsin, a Spudmobile is touring the Midwest as the Badger state potato season gets underway.

During the past five years Peru has accounted for about 40 percent of the world’s supply of asparagus and export of “grass” the year around to the United States, although some months are much heavier than others.  The lowest volume occurs during February and March and usually peaks during October, November and December.

The U.S. imported over 10 millions pounds per month of Peruvian asparagus from May through December in 2016.  However, it topped 20 million pounds for the final four months of the year.  During December nearly 30 million pounds of “grass” was imported from Peru.

By contrast, imported asparagus from Mexico has huge shifts with February and March close to 70 million pounds each month compared to supplies dwindling to 10 million pounds or fewer the last four months of the year.

The United States imported nearly 475 million pounds of fresh asparagus in 2016, which put it in a virtual tie with 2014 for most asparagus imported in the past five years.

By Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Growers Association


Antigo, Wisconsin -New crop Wisconsin potatoes are hitting the market and Trig’s stores aren’t missing a beat in letting people know.  The popular Wisconsin retail chain kicked off their Wisconsin potatoes promotion 2th by picking spuds at the Rhinelander Agricultural Research Station for the Rhinelander Area Food Pantry. On September 23rd, the Spudmobile begans its tour of all the Trigâ’s stores starting in Rhinelander and then continuing that afternoon at the Eagle River store.


Through hands-on exhibits and eye-catching graphics, Spudmobile visitors will learn how farmers are stewards of the land and how they incorporate the latest technologies into their agricultural practices. When visiting the Spudmobile, guests will learn about various varieties of potatoes grown in Wisconsin, how they are planted and harvested, the nutritional facts about potatoes and some statistics about America’s favorite vegetable. Kids will be completely engaged as they play games on the interactive touch table and the Field to Fork exhibits.


The Wisconsin Spudmobile was developed by WPVGA, which is a non-profit organization that represents and promotes the State’s 300 potato and vegetable grower members and affiliates. The Spudmobile makes frequent appearances at locations throughout the Midwest including stops at schools, community events and retailers who provide Wisconsin potatoes to their customers.