Shipping Updates on SE Blueberries, and US-Mexican Avocados

Shipping Updates on SE Blueberries, and US-Mexican Avocados

DSCN9032Shipments of Southeastern blueberries are coming, while imported Mexican avocados are expected to cover the lighter volume expected out of California.

Southeastern blueberry shipments from Florida get underway in mid- to late March, while  Georgia blueberry shipments starts  with its southern highbush harvests in mid- to late April.  This is followed by rabbiteyes in late May.

North Carolina blueberry shipments round out the region’s production with loadings in mid- to late May.

The Southeast was expected to increases in volume in Florida and Georgia, but we are now awaiting the results of how much damage following freezes March 15-6.  Meanwhile there’s some debate whether North Carolina will be up or down from a year ago, but again, we’re waiting on freeze results.    Cold weather wasn’t as severe in Florida which has been talking about double the shipments of 2016.  Georgia was hoping for up to a 30 percent increase from last year.  While some observes see a small decline from North Carolina, others see as much as a 20 percent increase.  Some feel Carolina could be down from last year due to Hurricane Matthew’s strong storm surge, which pushed water up into the blueberry growing regions close to the coast.

California Avocados

California growers expect to ship about 200 million pounds of avocados between now and August, about half as much as they moved in 2016.  Shipments will be increase into April and before peaking from May into August.  California avocado shipment should account for about 10 percent of the total volume this year.

Mexican Avocado Imports

Imported Mexican avocado shipments a seen as being  less than last year, although Mexican shippers seem confident they can fill any void caused by the shortfall of California fruit.  The initial estimate for Mexico is for 2.1 billion pounds to be shipped, although some observers see volume coming in as low as 1.6 billion pounds.

Instead of Mexico shipping 40 million pounds per week, there could be around 30 million, over the next four months.

Imported Mexican tropical fruits and vegetables crossing border in South Texas – grossing about $2500 to Atlanta.