WP Rawl is Increasing Shipments from Florida

WP Rawl is Increasing Shipments from Florida

RawlBy WP Rawl

Pelion, S.C. – WP Rawl, the premier grower, processor and shipper of leafy greens has begun its yearly ramp up of both conventional and organic leafy greens along with various other vegetable production at their Bunnell, Florida facility. This facility supports an increase in production in the latter parts of the year and lends itself to seasonal production in a warmer growing region.

Over four years ago, WP Rawl broke ground on a new farming and packing shed operation in Bunnell that included a 34,000 square feet facility, similar to the facility at their headquarters in Pelion, SC. This year the company has added acreage to their 2016 – 2017 organic production to support the increasing demand from customers.

“Our goal in expanding our operations into Florida years ago was to support our growth and help us better service our customers,” said Ashley Rawl, vice president of sales, marketing and product development. “We are delighted that or production in Florida has continued to grow, and the benefit of a distribution hub has been a vital part of our success and ongoing growth.”

WP Rawl’s Florida facility grows five months out of the year (December – April), complementing the company’s other strategically located growing regions.

About WP Rawl

Dating back to 1925, WP Rawl is a fourth generation family farm which has grown to become a grower/shipper/processor, specializing in year-round bulk and value-added leafy greens and vegetables in the Rawl®, Nature’s Greens®, Palmetto Gardens® and Versatile Veggies® brands.

In the early 1920’s, the late Walter and Ernestine Rawl started a local business known as the Walter P. Rawl Farm selling peaches.  Over the years the business evolved into a larger farm selling greens and specialty vegetables and became known as Walter P. Rawl and Sons.

Today Walter P. Rawl & Sons continues to operate as a “family farm” with nine family members still working in the business along with an additional 400 employees.