Here’s How the Deception Works from the Liberals

Here’s How the Deception Works from the Liberals

IMG_6364By Larry Oscar

“And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”, John 8:32.  Amazing how words spoke and written over two thousand years ago apply today.

Maybe that’s because evil really hasn’t changed very much over the entire existence of mankind.  Evil is ever present and it feeds on the poor and uneducated of mankind. One would think with all the instant communications we have today getting to know the truth would be easier than ever.

Well, that simply is not the case. The rise of “fake news” is now all the rage and it may be harder than ever to learn the truth.  One thing for sure is that the deceivers are out in full force.  Deceivers take advantage of the poor and uneducated among us.  They count on people simply believing what they say and not making an effort to examine the truth.  Those of us that are aware of evil in the world and watch out for the signs of evil can detect a deceiver more easily.

When politicians rely on one of the seven deadly sins such as envy to sway your opinion it can be a sure bet you have found one.  For the past decade we have listened to politicians play the envy card.  They have created a war on success.  Being successful is now considered by many to be a bad thing.  I guess these stupid folks think we should all live in poverty and starve to death.  And to make matters worse the deceiver politicians have convinced many people violent demonstrations against long held American values are now the thing to do.

Let’s examine how their  latest round of deception is working.  The new tax cut plans issued by the President are a fine example of liberal deception.  As soon as the tax cuts were announced the leader of deception Senator Chuck  Schumer was touting the cuts as a giveaway to the rich and hurting the poor.  What a load of deceit.

For one thing most people don’t know that businesses don’t pay taxes.  That’s right.  News flash.  Businesses don’t pay taxes.  All you have to do to find out about this is to read the  consolidated balance sheet of any corporation. You will magically find that the taxes paid by the corporation come form their revenues.  Yes folks guess what?  You pay Wal Mart’s taxes when you buy a product
at Wal Mart.  Business taxes are rolled up into the price you pay for their products.

So if we lower the business taxes from 35% to 15% we are in effect lowering the price we pay for the products that we all buy.  And that includes a gallon of milk the poor purchase at Wal Mart. Business taxes are a hidden tax, and evil politicians like Chuck Schumer are counting on the poor and uneducated not knowing the truth about the hidden taxes they themselves prey on the poor with.

After all, these deceiver politicians need tax money so they can promise government handouts for votes.  It is illegal to buy your vote with currency, but it is not illegal to buy your vote with a handout paid for with your own tax money.

“For many deceivers have gone out into the world”, Second John 7.  Liberalism is evil.  It hides behind a deception cloaked in righteousness, but the truth is you cannot claim to be righteous while promoting jealousy and envy.  Goodness does not come from the promotion of evil.  Our founding fathers new full well the evil in government taxation.

Remember the tea party in Boston harbor?  All we have accomplished in the ever increasing taxation of the American people is a bloated government full of deceivers who have put our country in a financial peril of debt.  Whatever these evil politicians have taken, or will take, from us it will never be enough.  They will violently protest and demand more.  It is time to call them out for who and what they are. Enough is enough.

Please take the time to study what the deceivers are doing with your money.  It just may change your life for the better.  And just maybe your grandchildren will thank you someday.

(Larry Oscar is a graduate from the University of Tulsa and holds a degree in electrical engineering. He is retired and lives with his wife on a lake in Oklahoma where he brews his own beer, sails, and is a member of numerous clubs and organizations.)