Shipping Updates: Imported NZ Apples, Mexican Raspberries, Florida Dragon Fruit

Shipping Updates: Imported NZ Apples, Mexican Raspberries, Florida Dragon Fruit

A21pngFrom New Zealand apples, to Mexican raspberries and Dragon Fruit in Florida, here are some loading opportunities.

The Oppenheimer Group of Vancouver, B.C. is importing New Zealand fruit and for the first time it will have no gaps between domestic, US grown product and New Zealand fruit.

The first arrivals came in early June.  Zealand-grown Jazz apples are experiencing bigger demand from some retailers on the East Coast.  They have switched to the new crop Jazz apple already because of the higher truck rates to haul fruit from Washington, Oppenheimer reports.

New Zealand fruit should have bigger volumes this year, which is expected to be 15 percent above the 2016 imports.

Mexican Raspberry Imports

California Giant of Watsonville, CA will be shipping raspberries from Central Mexico starting in mid-September and continuing into June.  The company has been handling California raspberries for years during the spring and summer.

“We are so excited to be planting this new crop in Mexico, providing our California Giant customers with promotable raspberry volume that consumers will enjoy

beginning this fall and continuing through the winter months, coming from our regions here in central Mexico,” Rodrigo Aceves, director of operations for California Giant Berry Farms de Mexico, said in a news release.

Over the years, California Giant has also been increasing its acreage of strawberries, blueberries and blackberries to create year-round shipments of fruit.

Dragon Fruit

By J&C Tropicals

Miami, Fl. – J&C Tropicals has announced the release of its new Dragon Fruit brand ‘Dragon Fuel.’

In the last five years, Dragon Fruit has become a top selling item and a staple of J&C’s Florida Grown Tropicals product line! Available in both White & Red Varieties, Dragon Fruit is sweet and crunchy with a flavor that is a cross between kiwi and pear. Most importantly research has shown that South Florida grown Dragon Fruit yields 30 percent more oil containing Omega-6 fatty acids and is higher in antioxidants.

“Last year we saw exponential growth in Dragon Fruit. Dragon Fuel will be key to taking sales to the next level” said Adrian Capote, Vice President of Sales.

J&C Tropicals is a third-generation, family-owned grower, packer and distributor of tropical fruits, roots and vegetables based in Miami, FL.