5 River Islands & Rainier Cherries to Wrap Up Stemilt’s California Cherry Season

5 River Islands & Rainier Cherries to Wrap Up Stemilt’s California Cherry Season


by Stemilt Growers

WENATCHEE, Wash. – Stemilt’s 5 River Islands™ cherry brand and premium Rainier cherries are returning to grocery stores soon with large sizes and dessert qualities to offer consumers a memorable eating experience before the California cherry season wraps up in mid-June.

“While the volume of the 2018 California cherry crop was underwhelming for growers and retailers alike, both fruit size and qualities have made for overwhelmingly positive shopper experiences,” said Roger Pepperl, Stemilt marketing director. “That will continue in the final weeks of the California season because of two special offerings now available from Stemilt: California-grown Rainier cherries and 5 River Islands™ brand dark-sweet cherries.”

Harvest is underway now for Stemilt’s Rainier cherries, with a premium pack available now through June 9th. Pepperl said the company’s Rainiers were peaking on large sizes with nice color and exceptional flavors.

“Carrying our California Rainier cherries in stores the next two weeks will bring incremental sales to the produce department,” said Pepperl. “Opening shelf space now with these incredible eating fruits will also help in a seamless transition to Washington State’s Rainier cherry crop. It’s a great experience to offer your stores and your shoppers.”

This is the second year of availability for 5 River Islands™ cherries, which come straight from the California Delta, a well-known region of islands and waterways that are all connected by five rivers. Stemilt only packs large sizes and high-quality Lapins, a dark-sweet cherry variety, from the Delta region in this brand.

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