California Pears Shipments for Fall Better than Originally Expected

California Pears Shipments for Fall Better than Originally Expected

DSCN0840by California Pear Advisory Board

Sacramento, CA — With pear shipments higher than originally anticipated and ongoing harvest of multiple varieties, the California pear industry is perfectly positioned for fall.

“California Bartlett pear volume is coming in over 15 percent higher than the pre-season crop estimate,” said Chris Zanobini, executive director of the California Pear Advisory Board. “Quality and sizing have been exceptional for the fresh market and we are expecting strong availability through the fall.”

Zanobini said that as of August 21, California shippers have packed 1.6 million boxes of Bartletts and 300,000 boxes of Golden Bosc, Comice, French Butter and a number of red pear varieties.
“Bartlett harvest in the mountain districts is about halfway through and other varietal harvest is just beginning with strong availability of all varieties available now and through the fall,” said Zanobini. “Record high sugars and firm pressures are resulting in great shipping and eating pears this season.”

California pears are shipping throughout the country.

The organization has a strong social media program and is partnering with several chains to tell the story of local pear farmers like Chuck Baker, depicted in a video currently being shared with consumers and retailers as part of the Pear Advisory Board’s social marketing program.

All efforts are aimed at telling consumers the story of California pears which are sustainably raised by pear farming families who are growing pears on the same land as their great-great grandparents. This story is shared on the organization’s website various and social media channels

“September is officially Farm-to-Fork month in Sacramento – which bills itself as America’s Farm-to-Fork capital,” explained Zanobini.  “With the strong volume and good quality now available, California pears are perfectly positioned for promotions throughout the months of September and October. We are pushing hard for support among California retailers whose customers demand locally-grown products when they are in season.”