Chilean Clementine Imports are Rising; Tamarind Imports are Also Increasing

Chilean Clementine Imports are Rising; Tamarind Imports are Also Increasing


Significant increases in clementines from Chile are being reported….Meanwhile, tamarind imports also are on the rise.

Through the middle of July Chile had exported nearly 50,000 metric tons of clementines to the U.S., representing a 42.9 percent increase over the previous year.  Of that volume, 57 percent was shipped to the East Coast.

During the same period, South Africa loaded 6,000 metric tons of easy peelers, all sent to the East Coast.  By comparison, Peru has exported over 16,000 metric tons of soft citrus to the East Coast, marking a 48 pecent increase over the previous season.

Peru has also exported nearly 2,000 metric tons of easy peelers to the West Coast – a 17 percent rise.

Heavy Chilean clementine arrivals on the East Coast in late June and early July complemented 2,000 metric tons of fruit from South African and 2,600 metric tons from Peru.

Tamarind (in photo)

Tamarin is popular in Latin and Asian cooking, the ingredient has drawn broader interest lately.  Tart tamarind also is an everyday item in Hispanic market areas.

Both ‘agua fresca’ and ‘tamarind’ have been trending up steadily in Google trends, especially during the summer months.  This is in line with what is being seen with consumer trends on Indian flavors and fruit-infused or flavored water.

Frieda’s markets the fruit in a clamshell that informs consumers how to use it. The fruit has been included in sauces, glazes and cocktails.

Latin American candies, popsicles and the beverage agua de tamarindo also is used with the fruit.  Retailers sometimes merchandise tamarind with items like ginger and turmeric or with tropical fruit.