Container Capacity is Increasing at Port of Savannah

Container Capacity is Increasing at Port of Savannah

SavannahThe Port of Savannah will soon see its container capacity increase with the addition of four cranes to help move those containers.  The port is the largest single container facility in the U.S.

The four Neo-Panamax cranes arrived in late November, bringing the total number of the cranes at the facility to 30. Six more cranes are scheduled to arrive in 2020, and when all are operational, the port will be able to move 1,300 containers an hour, according to a news release.

“(As) we reflect on all the success we’ve enjoyed, we also look forward to the new era of prosperity these cranes will help usher in,” Georgia Ports Authority board chairman Jimmy Allgood said in the release.  “Our considerable investments today ensure Georgia’s ports reputation for excellence.”

Upgrades to the Mason Mega Rail Terminal will double the Port of Savannah’s annual rail capacity to 1 million container lifts, expanding the port’s access to the Midwest.

The Neo-Panamax cranes can lift containers 152 feet above the dock and the booms reach out 192 feet. Each crane can lift 72 tons. The cranes operate over nine berth spaces.

All of the new cranes, a $47-million investment, will be operational by April.