Hispanic Conumers Lead in Avocado Consumption

Hispanic Conumers Lead in Avocado Consumption

avocadoGirlIt’s no surprise Hispanics are avocado buyers, but a recent Hass Avocado Board study shows that even as consumption of the fruit has risen in many demographic groups, Hispanic consumers continue to outpace others in many areas.

The study, Hispanic Avocado Shopper Trends,  and a companion document giving retailers ideas on how to capitalize on the findings, Hispanic Avocado Shoppers Trends Action Guide, is based on retail data from the IRI Consumer Network, according to a news release.

Hispanic household purchase trends of avocados outpace non-Hispanic households in these areas:

  • The percentage of total U.S. households that buy avocados
  • The average avocado spend per household; and
  • The percentage of households that buy avocados at the “super” level ($25.36 and more a year)

“Hass avocados are continuing to gain widespread popularity,” Emiliano Escobedo, executive director of the Hass Avocado Board, said in the release. “And this study shows that Hispanic households are particularly involved in the avocado category and play an important role in its growth.”

In 2017, Hispanic household avocado purchases averaged $33, 45 percent more than the $22.69 spent by non-Hispanic households, according to the release, and average per-trip purchases were $4.46, compared to $3.83 for non-Hispanic households.

The Hispanic “super households” (the HAB breaks down purchase levels into super, heavy, medium and light) are the main reason for the gap between their purchases and non-Hispanic households, with 36 percent of them in the super category, versus 24 percent of non-Hispanic households meeting that level.

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