Here’s a Preview of New York Apple Shipments Coming in Late Summer

Here’s a Preview of New York Apple Shipments Coming in Late Summer

A5Following near perfect weather throughout New York state during the spring, apple growers and shippers are beaming with optimism for the upcoming shipping season.

New York apple shipments should get underway in late August or early September.

“Following last year’s below average apple crop and a normal winter, trees this spring responded with healthy and hearty buds that produced a fantastic bloom,” Kaari Stannard, president of New York Apple Sales Inc., of Glenmount, NY, said in a news release. Warm May weather was ideal for pollination, she said.

There also is a positive outlook for apple crops from  New York Apple Sales growers across the state.

“As of now, we are not seeing any skips or holes in the 2018 crop,” Jeff Crist, partner in Crist Bros. of  Walden, N.Y., said in the release. “We have a great opportunity with this crop, but as always we are cautiously optimistic.”

Jason Woodworth of Lamont Fruit Farms, of Waterport, N.Y., sees plenty of potential for this season’s crop of SweeTango apples.

“We are off to a great start with our SweeTango crop. We had an excellent return bud and bloom, and the conditions were fantastic,” Woodworth said in the release. “Because of our newer plantings and growing systems, we have the potential to produce the highest-color and best-sized SweeTango crop ever.”

New York Apple Sales is one of two New York companies authorized by Next Big Thing to market SweeTango apples in select markets.

Growers also describe a great start to the growing season for up-and-coming varieties such as Koru, EverCrisp, SnapDragon and RubyFrost, as well as for more established varieties like Honeycrisp, gala, fuji, mcintosh, cortland, empire, red and golden delicious.

New York is the second-largest apple producing state in the country. Only Washington State produces more apples than the Empire State. Perennially, Michigan ranks third; Pennsylvania and California round out the top five.

New York State apples are grown on about 41,000 acres, in six major production districts around the entire state:

  • Champlain Valley
  • Eastern Hudson Valley
  • Western Hudson Valley
  • Central
  • Lake Country
  • Niagara Frontier

(Source: USDA 2007 Agricultural Census)

Top 10 apple-growing counties are:

  • Wayne
  • Ulster
  • Orleans
  • Niagara
  • Clinton
  • Columbia
  • Monroe
  • Orange
  • Onondaga
  • Dutchess