Peruvian Citrus Now Available from Pacific Organic Produce

Peruvian Citrus Now Available from Pacific Organic Produce

DSCN0812By Pacific Organic Produce

San Francisco, CA — Summer has arrived and with it, the start to the Imported Peruvian citrus season! Pacific Organic Produce now offers organic Peruvian citrus. Our 2nd generation grower operates his family owned and operated farm in the Huaura river valley in Peru, known for its fertile soils. The farm began its transition to organic in 2004 and was certified organic in 2010.

The farm focuses on using natural predators to maintain fruit quality and keeps a keen eye on balancing sugar and acid for optimum flavor.  Food safety is of utmost importance to the family and the farm is Global GAP certified.  They are the first certified organic citrus shipper to export to the US and we’re proud to offer the fruit for now the 7th season – time to get excited for the only “off season”, certified organic, specialty citrus available in the US – Satsuma, Minneola & Murcotts.

A steady supply of 9kg Satsumas will be available July and August, followed by a steady supply of 15kg Minneola and 9kg Murcott in August and September.  A poly film 12×2# bag is also available for consumer convenience.  Summer is looking even better!

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