California Avocado Shipments to Ramp Up in March; Mexico is Still Strong; Golden Kiwi Update

California Avocado Shipments to Ramp Up in March; Mexico is Still Strong; Golden Kiwi Update

AA7Avocado shipments from both California and Mexico are looking strong, while a big increase is seen coming for imported golden kiwifruit.

Mexican avocado shipping volumes are big the second and third week of January, but reaches a peak in the fourth week of the month leading up the big game February 4th.  It is known as the Super Bowl effect.

The Hass Avocado Board reports 204 million pounds of avocados were shipped into the U.S. during the first four weeks of January.    Of the total amount of avocados, 93 percent were imported from Mexico, with 3.6 percent coming from from California, with 2.7 percent from the Dominican Republic with Chile supplying 0.7 percent.

Despite widespread shortages of trucks being reported around the U.S. in the first half of January, it apparently had minimal affect on shipments for the Super Bowl.

California Avocado Shipping Forecast

Avocado shipments are currently originating both from Mexico and California, although the vast majority are coming from South of the U.S. border.

For example, West Pak Avocado Inc. of Murrieta, CA  sources most of its avocados from Mexico and California and sees good supply and quality this season from both areas.  Mexico will have strong volume continuing into the summer.  California should have good shipments totaling around 374 million pounds.

There was limited California volume is available for the Super Bowl because it is so early in the season, when the limited shipments are typically directed to California receivers.   National California avocado shipments typically ramps up in March and April.

Golden Kiwi Shipments

The golden kiwifruit season for imports from New Zealand recently ended, but importers already are laying plans from the new arrivals coming in May.

Golden kiwifruit imports more than doubled in 2017, with the SunGold variety from Zespri accounting for 80 percent of the category.  The company is based in New Zealand  and set a record with 27.8 million pounds of the fruit imported.

Zespri is planning a 50 percent growth for the coming year and extend the season at the season into March and April.