Applewood Launches New Season for Michigan Asparagus

Applewood Launches New Season for Michigan Asparagus

Michigan asparagus shipments are just getting underway as Applewood Fresh Growers LLC of Sparta, MI launches its season.

The company’s grower-supplier, New Era’s American Asparagus, New Era, MI., uses a hydrocooler after harvest, and places the spears in a cooler before they are packed in a refrigerated packing room, according to a news release from Applewood Fresh.

The Michigan asparagus season lasts approximately from May 10th to June 25th.

New Era’s American Asparagus grows more than 300 acres of asparagus, and manages another 600-plus acres, according to the company’s website, for a total grower base of 1,600 acres of Michigan asparagus.

 “We keep this process as short as possible to increase our customer’s shelf life and quality of the product,” Caleb Coulter, owner of New Era’s American Asparagus, said in the news release.

“We are excited to partner with New Era’s American Asparagus to bring our customers the best asparagus Michigan has to offer,” Nick Mascari, Applewood Fresh president said. “This partnership is the next iteration in our strategic plan to diversify.”