Fall California Grape Shipments are Looking Strong

Fall California Grape Shipments are Looking Strong

California grape shipments in the fall of 2018 were up 11.2 percent from September through December compared to the previous year. A similar pattern is expected again as we close out this year.

Sunview Marketing International of Delano, CA credits a lot of this good volume to the firm’s mix of proprietary varieties.

Sun Pacific of Pasadena, CA notes their company has 19 varieties of grapes for shipping as they enter the fall. The operation has growing volume with organic grapes.

The official estimate for California grape shipments was adjusted downward from 116 million boxes to 110 million boxes. However, some observers believe the final packout could be even lower.

Top Brass Marketing of Bakersfield, CA cites excellent volume this season and does not believe loadings have been lagging as they were last year. The company sees the seasonal decline in shipments of cherries, stone fruit and melons as helping grapes take center stage from September through November.

San Joaquin Valley grapes – grossing about $6300 to New York City.