Florida Avocado Shipments are Rebounding from an Off Season

Florida Avocado Shipments are Rebounding from an Off Season

Normal volume of Florida avocado shipments are expected this season following a down year caused primarily by Hurricane Irma.

Florida shippers are expected to load about 800,000 bushels of green-skin avocados between June and April.

Last year’s crop was reduced by about 40 percent as a result of the hurricane.

Brooks Tropicals of Homestead, FL ships about 40 percent of that volume, which has a trademark on the name SlimCado for its green-skin avocados, which are hydrocooled to extend shelf life. The name was selected at least in part because SlimCados are promoted by the company to have less fat and fewer calories than hass avocados.

They are shipped from Florida starting in June and continuing through March. Additionally, they are sourced from the Dominican Republic between October and May.

While the majority of SlimCados are shipped to markets in the South and on the East Coast, more of the fruit is going to markets in the west.

J&C Tropicalsl of Miami gland normal avocado shipments once again. The company reports July and August as two the biggest months for volume, with good volume to continue through December.

J&C Tropicals, which ships the fruit nationally, will start bringing in similar varieties from the Dominican Republic in the fall.

Florida avocados are bigger than hass, weighing on average about 1 pound.