Green Giant Poll Reveals Favorite Veggies from 39 States

Green Giant Poll Reveals Favorite Veggies from 39 States

Broccoli has won for the second consecutive year in Green Giant’s annual poll of Americans’ favorite vegetable,

More than 5,000 consumers, from ages 13 to 73, took the frozen/canned vegetables company’s survey, and broccoli placed first in 39 states. The results were released in connection with National Eat Your Vegetables Day earlier this year, according to a news release.


Here are some interesting findings from the survey, which was open-ended, letting consumers choose any vegetable:

  • Potatoes ranked first only in Arkansas, a loss of four states from last year;
  • Of the 7 states choosing corn, Iowa wasn’t included. (Yes sweet corn and field corn are vastly different, but still …);
  • Despite the juicing craze that’s boosted celery prices to new heights, the fad didn’t elevate the stalk to the top in any state;
  • Cucumbers did not carry a single state, unlike in 2018, when New Mexico and Louisiana residents chose them above other vegetables; and
  • The “orange” candidate: Nevada and North Dakota opted for carrots;
  • Asparagus led Alaska polling and cauliflower was the favorite in Montana, the first times for both vegetables.

The survey, conducted through Suzy, a company that offers an online consumer insights platform, took place April 26-May 10, according to the release.