Strong Shipments are Expected this Season for California Onions

Strong Shipments are Expected this Season for California Onions

California onion shipments have shifted from the California desert areas and are now coming in good volume out the San Joaquin Valley.

Domestic volume most of this year has been well below normal, but loadings now appear to be back to normal as weather has been favorable for California crops.

Gills Onions LLC of Oxnard, CA finished shipments of its Brawley, CA onions in mid-May and has transitioned to the Bakersfield area, where its loadings will continue through August.

In September, the company’s storage onion shipments will move to the King City area, where the company’s onion loadings should continue until March or April.

Volume at Gills Onions should be up this season compared to a year ago due to some new packinghouse packing equipment.

Telesis Onion Co. of Five Points, CA will be shipping red, white, yellow and sweet onions until the end of August, with volume expected to be similar to last year.

Peri & Sons Farms of Yerington, NV concluded its Imperial Valley onions shipments in California in late May and has transitioned northward to the San Joaquin Valley.

The company is growing, packing and shipping mostly yellow and sweet onions in the San Joaquin Valley, but also will offer some white and red varieties from that region. When valley shipments taper off in late August, the company will transition to its Yerington headquarters. Overall volume should be similar to last year.

JBJ Distributing Inc./Veg’Land Inc, will start shipping white, yellow and red onions from its grower in Hollister, CA, after the 4th of July and continue from that location through October . The company handles organic onions exclusively.

JBJ was importing onions from Mexico during the winter and spring, and transitioned to Arvin, CA., before launching its Hollister season.