TerraFresh Organics Announces Rollout of Citrus, Mangoes in U.S.

TerraFresh Organics Announces Rollout of Citrus, Mangoes in U.S.

MILL VALLEY, CA –  TerraFresh Organics (TFO), a new organic fruit company with a focus on supplying organic citrus, mangoes, stone fruit and grapes to North America, announces the first rollout of organic citrus and mangoes under the Earth Greens Organic label.

TerraFresh Organics has a strong supply of citrus sourcing fruit from growing partners in California, Mexico and Peru. The organic citrus line will include Earlies/Valencia oranges, Navel oranges, lemons and grapefruit. TerraFresh’s capabilities include providing customers with a year-round supply of organic citrus.

TerraFresh’s mangoes will be sourced from Ecuador, Peru and Mexico to complete a near year-round program as its principles have done for over 20 years.

“In only a few weeks, we’ll be providing customers with fresh, organic citrus from Mexico to add to our current supply of mangoes from the finest growing regions,” said Greg Holzman, co-founder and managing partner of TerraFresh Organics. “We’ve built strong relationships with our growers in Latin America and the U.S. and are confident in the excellent organic produce they provide.”

TerraFresh sought out growers in Latin America and the U.S. who are committed to organic fruit, sustainable practices and quality produce. With state-of-the-art packing and loading operations located in Central and Southern California, Nogales, AZ, McAllen, TX and Toughkenamon, PA, TerraFresh Organics ensures reliable supply and services logistic across the U.S.