Blueberries are No. 1 Recommended Fruit, Survey Concludes

Blueberries are No. 1 Recommended Fruit, Survey Concludes

Blueberries are recommended frequently or always 86 percent of the time, according to a survey of about 200 U.S. based dietitians. The survey was conducted by the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council of Folsom, CA.

Other fruits with high levels of support include strawberries, apples and oranges, according to a news release.

“We’re committed to working with registered dietitians because they’re at the forefront of making a positive difference in the health of Americans by providing science-based dietary and lifestyle recommendations,” Kasey Cronquist, president of USHBC, said in the release. “It’s part of the mission of the USHBC to continuously investigate the role blueberries may play in promoting good health, and it’s encouraging to see that research is reflected by the health professional community.”

The survey revealed:

  • 88 percent of surveyed of dietitians said blueberries are rich in vitamins and minerals;
  • 85 percent of those polled said one cup of blueberries as a good source of fiber; and 
  • 78 percent of those surveyed said cited plant polyphenols in blueberries.

Earlier this year, research published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that found participants with metabolic syndrome who consumed the equivalent of one cup of fresh blueberries showed clinically relevant changes in measures of heart health, according to the release. The council said it will continue to communicate with health professionals about the science-backed benefits of blueberries. Information on the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council’s health professional programs is available at