California Fall Fruit Shipments are Plentiful

California Fall Fruit Shipments are Plentiful

Good volume with California fruit shipments are occurring this fall, led by table grapes, which has a number of new, later varieties. It no longer is simply a “summer” fruit.

The California Fresh Fruit Association of Fresno represents 13 commodities that are in season. Table grapes are the Number one fall fruit, with 60 percnt or more of the crop being shipped after September 1st.

Table grapes kick off their season in the spring in California’s Coachella Valley, and the program moves to the San Joaquin Valley in July.

If the late season grape quality holds and depending upon volume and how early South American grapes start arriving in the U.S., West Coast grapes can be shipped into January, even though the harvest is over.

A number of other commodities still are being shipped as well. Stone Fruit generally winds down in September, but some growers have late-season peachesplums and nectarines that shipped into October. Late plums are the best bet this season.

California pears are shipped during the fall as well.

An estimated that 35 to 40 percent of the state’s fresh fruit is exported.
California exports fruit throughout the world, including, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and additional countries.