California Spring Produce Shipments Shaping Up to Be Fairly Normal

California Spring Produce Shipments Shaping Up to Be Fairly Normal

California spring produce shipments should be good as growers and shippers expect plentiful supplies due to favorable growing conditions.

A wide range of vegetables are shipped by Boskovich Fresh Food Group of Oxnard, CA ranging from cabbages, Chinese mix and bunched items such as parsley, cilantro and spinach.

The company grows celery in Oxnard from November through June, when the season transitions to Santa Maria.

Boskovich is wrapping up shipments of head and leaf lettuce in Yuma, AZ., and will move to Santa Maria in early April.

Other items such as radishes and beets will switch from Mexico to Oxnard in mid-April.

The company expects good volume for most items for Easter, April 12.

Five Crowns Marketing of Brawley, CA is the state’s largest shipper of sweet corn, and weather has been ideal. The operation ships sweet corn year around, starting in Brawley in April, then moving to Coachella in May, followed by Mendota, Tracy, Arizona, and Washington.

Most recently, the company has been sourcing from Sinaloa, Mexico.

Five Crowns will begin shipping cantaloupe in early May, followed by variety melons and honeydew around May 10 – 15. The company also will have seedless watermelons from Arizona starting in early June with big volume in time for the 4th of July. After that, watermelon shipments will move to Mendota and Tracy before transitioning to Mexico for the winter.

Sunnyside Packing Co. of Selma, CA has eggplant, bell peppers, soft squash, hard squash and a few green beans and a small onion program.

Ventura County vegetables and strawberries – grossing about $7200 to New York City.