Ecuadorian Mango Volume Forecast to be Down 5%

Ecuadorian Mango Volume Forecast to be Down 5%

A 5 percent decline in mango volume from Ecuador as being forecast from last season.

The Mango Ecuador Foundation reports last season there were about 13 million boxes exported, but this year it is expected to be around 12.4 million boxes. Approximately 80 percent of production is exported to the U.S., with most of the rest going to Canada, Europe, Mexico and Chile.

The main factor behind this decline is the weather, especially the low temperatures in growing regions over recent months. In addition, the industry is experiencing an off-bearing year, he said.

The peak export weeks are expected to be the last half of November. Peak shipments are forecast to be flatter than normal. Although there will be a volume peak, it will be less of a peak than in previous seasons.

With Mexico finishing up earlier than normal, which created an attractive window for Brazilian mangoes, a good transition without any oversupply in the market is expected. The main varieties produced by Ecuador are Ataulfo, Tommy Atkins, Kent, and Keitt.