Mushroom Shipments Set a Record

Mushroom Shipments Set a Record

By American Mushroom Institute

Avondale, PA — Mushroom growers are entering 2020 with record shipments volumes, increasing retail prices and solid demand for fresh mushrooms, according to the American Mushroom Institute.

The September shipment report from the Mushroom Council™ shows domestic mushroom production set a new all-time high. This was the fourth consecutive new monthly high and reflects steady sales growth throughout the summer months. Both June and August volume exceeded 80 million pounds for the first time ever, indicating that mushroom sales are strong year-round. Combined shipments (domestic plus imports) also hit new record highs.

Mark Lang, MBA, Ph.D., University of Tampa, analyzed the recent data trends for the Council. “As mushrooms become a staple item for many Americans and more people start consuming them, demand has risen steadily for the past decade,” said Lang.

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