Outlook for Summer Citrus Shipments

Outlook for Summer Citrus Shipments

Here’s a round up what is expected for summer citrus shipments from the view of some suppliers.

Bee Sweet Citrus of Fowler, Calif., will be shipping valencia oranges and blood oranges from California as well as mandarins, navel oranges and cara navels from Chile. The company also will have domestic and imported lemons.

 The Chilean Citrus Committee of Santiago, is expects to have 176,000 tons of clementines and mandarins this season compared to 143,168 tons in 2019.

Clementines started early May, followed by mandarins with both being available through October.

Chilean lemon volume will be similar to 2019, and lasting through October. Navel shipments have just started and be continue through October. 

New Limeco LLC of Princeton, FL is importing citrus from Mexico and Honduras.

Seald Sweet International of Vero Beach, FL is importing Primasole clementines from Peru with the early season having 20 to 25 percent over last year. South Africa and Chile soon followed. Late season mandarins from South Africa will increase 10 to 20 percent over last year by late September through October.

Seven Seas of Visalia, CA., a division of Tom Lange Co. Inc., Springfield, Ill., is shipping California valencia oranges, grapefruit and lemons this summer. The company also is importing navel oranges, midknight oranges, mandarins, lemons and star ruby grapefruit from South Africa, Chile and Peru.

Sunkinst Growers Inc. of Valencia, CA., has been shipping lemons, California star ruby grapefruit, valencia oranges and limes. the company has grapefruit, lemons and limes the year-round, while valencia oranges are a summertime exclusive and are now in peak volume.

Wonderful Citrus of Delano, CA is importing mandarins from Uruguay, Peru, Chile, South Africa and Australia this summer and lemons from Argentina.