Port Manatee Opens Transfer Facility to Expedite Produce Transfers

Port Manatee Opens Transfer Facility to Expedite Produce Transfers

A new facility that helps move imported fresh fruit quicker to retailers and foodservice operators has opened at Port Manatee, Palmetto, FL.

The transfer facility, which opened in early April, frees dock space by moving trailers to an area that can park 120 trailers, according to a news release. It optimizes capabilities for expedited cargo movement by freeing up room for up to 300 containers.

“The trailer transfer facility could not be coming online at a more encouraging time,” Carlos Buqueras, Port Manatee’s executive director, said in the release. “The enhanced efficiencies this new installation facilitates already are proving vital in best utilizing port acreage to accelerate shipments of imported fruits and vegetables to consumers.”

The 3.6-acre site cost $916,000. It serves shippers that include Del Monte Fresh Produce, which imports bananas, pineapples and avocados from Central and South America, and World Direct Shipping, which imports numerous perishables from Mexico.

“Strategic investments in infrastructure, such as this newest facility, are essential to Port Manatee’s ability to best serve its users and, moreover, the consumers of our region and beyond,” Priscilla Whisenant Trace, chairwoman of the Manatee County Port Authority said. “This is particularly important amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, as we maintain essential operations while steadfastly focused on safety and health.”