U.S. Fresh Apples Remaining to be Shipped are Up 14%

A significant 14 percent more U.S. fresh apples remain in storages to be shipped this year, which is 7 percent greater than the five-year average.

In its fifth storage report of the 2019-20 season, the U.S. Apple Association reports fresh inventories on March 1 are 74.4 million cartons, 14 percent up from 65.1 million cartons last year and 2.3 percent higher than the 72.7 million cartons on hand two years ago.
In comparison with year-ago levels, U.S. Apple reported March 1 inventories of:

  • Fuji: 9.77 million cartons, up 21 percent;
  • Gala: 15,80 million cartons, up 23 percent;
  • Granny smith: 9.6 million cartons, up 29 percent;
  • Honeycrisp: 6.48 million cartons, up 28 percent;
  • Cripps pink/Pink Lady: 3.75 million cartons, up 4 percent;
  • Red delicious: 16.39 million cartons, down 12 percent.