Berries Lead 8 percent Rise in Q1 for U.S. Fruit imports

Berries Lead 8 percent Rise in Q1 for U.S. Fruit imports

U.S. total fruit imports rose by 8 percent over last year to $6.4 billion in the first quarter of 2021, with much of the increase led by berries.

Fresh blueberries, strawberries and raspberries all saw increases of about 25 percent. Imports of blueberries rose by 28 percent to $377 million, while strawberry imports were up 25 percent to $596 million, and raspberries also increased by 25 percent to $302 million. Blackberries had a more modest increase of 11 percent to $145 million.

However, two of the biggest fruit import categories – avocados and bananas – dropped by 5 and 6 percent respectively to $674 million and $470 million.

Table grape imports through mid-February were off 14 percent at $388 million, while in the second half of the quarter it increased by 13 percent to $480 million.

With citrus, there was a 28 percent rise to $232 million which driven mostly by limes, which grew by 43 percent to $156 million.

Imports of fresh melons dropped by 14 percent to $193 millon.

Frozen fruits saw a significant 38 percent uptick to $341 million, while fruit juices were up 21 percent to $559 million, and processed fruit grew by 2 percent to $464 million.