Ohio Vegetable Shipments Get off to Fast Start

Ohio Vegetable Shipments Get off to Fast Start

Summer vegetable shipments in Ohio are off to a good start, according to Buurma Farms of Williard, OH.

The vegetable shipper started loading trucks in late May, led by radishes, turnips, mustard greens, collard, kale and cilantro. In early June the company added in red lettuce, green lettuce, escarole and endive, romaine and Boston lettuce to its shipping list.

Acreage is similar to last season.

With the harvest is on schedule, it is shaping up as a pretty much normal year.

In July, there will be an increase of cucumbers, sweet corn and peppers, among other items.

Ohio vegetable shipments will continue into November.

Buurma Farms is located in the north central part of Ohio between Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo.

The grower ships to customers east of the Mississippi River from Boston down to Miami and as far west as St. Louis and Memphis.

In addition, Buurma Farms can ship produce overnight to about two-thirds of the population of the U.S.