California Fall Pomegranate Shipments are Looking Favorable

California Fall Pomegranate Shipments are Looking Favorable

California pomegranates are a true fall fruit, with nearly all shipments of whole fruit moved from September through December.

2020 shipments of pomegranates from California were up 7% from in 2019, according to the USDA.

Suppliers report a good outlook for the pomegranate crop, despite hot weather during the growing season.

Pomegranate harvest started the first week in September for Trinity Fruit Co. of Fresno, CA.

The company markets a proprietary variety called Aco from Israel in September, and wonderful pomegranates begin the first week of October. Organic wonderful pomegranates also will be available in October.

Trinity Fruit expects a similar crop to last year, except its early crop will significantly increase due to new plantings coming into production. 

Because of hot weather, pomegranate coloring has been developing slower than usual, but quality is expected to be excellent. Whole fruit pomegranates will be marketed through December, while the company’s arils will continue into April.

Trinity Fruit reports increasing demand every year and this year is going to be no exception.

The company notes imports compliment California supply, resulting in nearly year-round availability of pomegranates and arils.

Flavor Tree Fruit Co. LLC. of Hanford, CA had its largest crop last year, and is expecting an even larger crop this season. 

The company expects to ship about 1.3 million 25-pound cartons of pomegranates.

Flavor Tree Fruit Co. has an aril production facility in Kern County, which is a fast growing business. Aril shipments start at the end of October and continue through February, or March if quality is good.

Whole pomegranate shipments may continue until about the second week of January at Flavor Tree, just long enough to have some fruit for Super Bowl parties.