Chilean Blueberry Exports for 2021-22 to be Similar to Last Season

Chilean Blueberry Exports for 2021-22 to be Similar to Last Season

Chile is expecting to export 117,000 metric tons (MT) of blueberries in the 2021-22 season, according to the Chilean Blueberry Committee of Asoex.

The figure is on par with what was exported last season – 117,800MT.

The Committee noted that although total production is expected to increase to 178,000MT due to new plantations coming online and varietal reconversion with higher-productivity cultivars, exports are not forecast to increase due to there being a more rigorous selection criteria for fresh export fruit.

Therefore, the addition production volumes will be destined mainly for frozen exports and the domestic market, the Committee said.

It added that to date, new varieties makeup 25 percent of the export offer and will contribute to growth in production and better fruit quality.

Regarding organic blueberries, fresh exports are expected to reach 18 percent and frozen to reach 27 percent.

Of all the problems that could be faced, one that will have little impact on the production and export of blueberries is the drought, because producers have very efficient technical irrigation systems, the Committee said.

For logistical difficulties, exporters are currently working intensively on scheduling shipments with shipping companies to minimize the problem that is affecting global supply chains