Idaho is Expected to Ship the Fewest Potatoes in 6 Years

Idaho is Expected to Ship the Fewest Potatoes in 6 Years

Fewer Idaho potatoes are being shipped this year, but they are larger thanks to hot weather during the growing season.

All shippers were loading new crop potatoes in October, with a smooth transition reported between old crop and new crop supplies this season.

Potandon Produce of Idaho Falls, ID report fresh potato crop acreage is up this year, but the increase is primarily for process use. Additonally, it is believed there will be lower yields.

Wada Farms Markekting Group LLC of Idaho Falls notes fresh potato yields and production could drop as much as 10%.

United Potato Growers of America of Salt Lake City, UT reports acreage is should be up slightly, but yields will be down for Idaho growers this year.

UPG points out the group’s shipping forecast for the U.S. fresh potato crop is 88 million cwt., 1.9 million cwt. less than the 2020-21 crop.
Idaho is expected to ship about 32 million cwt. of fresh russets, about 1.8 million cwt. down from a year ago and the lowest shipment total in about six years.

Idaho acreage is estimated at 315,000 acres, up 6% from 296,000 a year ago.

However, 2021 yield is projected at 430 cwt. per acre, down 5% from 455 cwt. last year. Total Idaho production is anticipated at 135.45 million cwt., up from 134.5 million cwt. a year ago. 

The fresh market is expected to account for 24.7% of the Idaho crop, compared with 27.1% for the fresh market in the 2020-21 season.

Idaho Falls potatoes – grossing about $7200 to Atlanta; $9200 to New York City.