Jac. Vandenberg Beginning 2nd Year with SUNRAYS Grapes

Jac. Vandenberg Beginning 2nd Year with SUNRAYS Grapes

Jac. Vandenberg, Inc., the Tarrytown, NY-based fresh produce importer and marketer, is gearing up for a second year for its SUNRAYS® grape brand. After a successful debut, SUNRAYS® grapes is announcing several new developments to its 2021-2022 program which officially starts in November.

Kicking off the SUNRAYS® grape season this year will be Cotton Candy grapes packed out of Brazil, available in loose-weight bags and 1-pound clamshells.
Brazil will also become the fifth sourcing region for the SUNRAYS grape program which already has Peru, Chile, Mexico and California growers participating. As with last season, Vandenberg has carefully selected its growing partners to participate in the SUNRAYS grape program ensuring those participating growers meet strict quality and flavor requirements.

SUNRAYS® grapes are available year-round from Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico and California.

Another major development for the SUNRAYS grape program this year will be a limited offering of its brand new, innovative BIO bags out of Peru. These bags will be the first biodegradable, home compostable grape bags in the US market.

“Sustainability has always been at the core of the SUNRAYS® brand and we want to now make that message clear and transparent to the public with this certification,” says Paap. “What’s unique about this certification is not only is it looking at environmental sustainability but also social and economic sustainability. All of these areas play an important role in the success and longevity of the farm and product.”

Vandenberg expects to see its first growers certified early next year with SUNRAYS® bags carrying the Sustainably Grown certification by November 2022.