Natural Delights Date Shipments Should Have Promising Year

Natural Delights Date Shipments Should Have  Promising Year

YUMA, AZ — Just in time for the annual Medjool date harvest, Bard Valley Natural Delights® shares Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) data showing a promising year for the category, and even more so for the Natural Delights brand.

According to IRI data pulled on June 27, 2021, the total Medjool date category is up 5.7% year over year (YOY). Bard Valley Natural Delights growth is up 6.4%, outpacing competitors and driving overall category growth. 

Some key insights from this data also show that fixed weight packaged products are up 7.5% YOY, a trend that has been accelerated with the rising concerns with bulk products during COVID. The brand expects that shoppers will continue to prefer more packaged products in the 2021-22 year.

Organic product growth is up a staggering 14.5%. Bard Valley Natural Delights organic product growth is up 15% which, much like overall category growth, shows that the brand is leading organic category growth as well. Bard Valley Natural Delights continues to invest in organic products by converting many of their groves to USDA Certified Organic and broadening product lines to include both conventional and organic varieties. 

“We’ve been meeting the needs of organic shoppers for several years now, so this data is encouraging as we continue to expand our product lines to include organic options,” added Baxter.

About Bard Valley Natural Delights®

Natural Delights® Medjool Dates, the leading Medjool date brand in the country, is a naturally sweet, whole fresh fruit grown in Bard Valley at the intersection of Arizona, California and Mexico where its very specific set of growing conditions are met.