West Texas Pumpkin Shipments are Shipped Regionally

West Texas Pumpkin Shipments are Shipped Regionally

Most of Texas’ few thousand acres of pumpkins are grown in Floyd County around Floydada, a small agricultural town northeast of Lubbock.

Pumpkin shipments are mostly directed to wholesalers and shipped throughout Texas, Oklahoma and as far east as Mississippi.

Pumpkins represent a small amount of acreage when it comes to crop production, but Floydada is famous for its pumpkins. Illinois produces around 90% of the nation’s crop, but a handful of growers around the Texas town continues to produce high-demand heirloom and jack-o’-lantern standard varieties.

Growers in Floyd County are averaging around 30,000 pounds per acre with good quality aside from early planted jack-o’-lantern varieties that matured with soft outer shells. 

Last year, yields were down about 30% due to drought. This year, production was average, but demand is strong.