Potato Hauling Opportunities are Improving as Supplies Increase

Potato Hauling Opportunities are Improving as Supplies Increase

Northwest potato hauling opportunities are improving as the harvest continues. Low supplies from the old crop had reduced chances of loading, combined with a high demand situation earlier in September.

Small sizes are plentiful resulting in a wide range of prices based on size, from a low of $10 per 50-pound carton of 100-size russets up to the low $40s for sizes 40 and 50, the USDA reports.

Norkotah Potatoes are being shipped out of Idaho and Washington.
Large-size Idaho Norkotah supplies (40- through 60-count) remain tight; small-size potatoes (70- through 100-count) are ample
Large-size order fulfillment is improving, but will remain sporadic
Norkotah quality remains good; skinning and excess moisture may be observed in fresh-run potatoes
MFC Norkotah Potatoes will begin to ship out of storage in mid-October.B

The new crop of Burbank harvesting has just started.

Burbank Potatoes will be available once the sweat process is completed in approximately late October to early November.