With Lighter Idaho Crop, Colorado Looks to Strong Potato Shipments this Season

With Lighter Idaho Crop, Colorado Looks to Strong Potato Shipments this Season

Although the San Luis Valley Colorado got off to a show start this season due to weather factors, overall shipments have been strong as the season built steam, in part because of an early season gap in the west between an early ending old crop and the start of a new one.

The San Luis Valley ships about 1.6 billion pounds of potatoes a year, 90% of which go to the fresh market. An average volume crop is seen this season.

Tater Traders of Golden, CO, who ships San Luis Valley potatoes, reports similar potato crops nationwide for the 2021-2022 was down a bit, noting the valley expects about 1.5 billion pounds this year. Despite last season’s tight crop, the doesn’t anticipate too much of a shipping gap between a fully depleted pipeline and the October harvest.

Even with the new crop nearing harvest, Colorado grower-shippers could be facing another year of tight potato supplies.

Similar a year ago, the 2022-23 crop is down. Water shortages remain and may be worse this time around. 

Skyline Potato of Center, CO a reports a crop about 10 days later than normal. A similar situation exists with crops in New Mexico and Idaho. 

Wada Farms has regional offices in Monte Vista, CO., agrees, and sees average yields this year.

A shortage in supplies of western potatoes, including Idaho has resulted in buyers looking more the Colorado so far this season. Some buyers also are taking shipments from Colorado to save on freight rates when it is closer to their markets.

 Farm Fresh Direct of America in Monte Vista, CO ., anticipates a quality 2022-23 potato crop and notes the potatoes are rebounding well from a slow start due to springtime winds and cool temperatures.