50 Percent of Jalisco’s Avocado Exports Now Destined for the U.S.

50 Percent of Jalisco’s Avocado Exports Now Destined for the U.S.

Jalisco entered the U.S. market for the first time , on June 28, 2022,
29 years after the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) opened the doors for Mexico, the world’s biggest producer of avocados, to import the fruit into the U.S.

Jalisco Avocado Exporting Producers Association reports before exports to the U.S. began, Europe accounted for about 30% of its exports, Japan 31% and Canada with 33%, totaling around 115,000 tons of avocados divided among the three countries.

With the opening of the U.S. market, 50% of total exports are now destined for the U.S., with Canada and Japan going down to around 19%, while European exports have reduced drastically to around 8%. 

The association notes European exports decreased due to logistical issues with the pandemic, both in terms of time and costs. In some cases, this affected the quality of the arriving fruit, reducing costs, which is why Jalisco exporters have decided to allocate more of their fruit to the U.S. which has because less risk.

For the U.S. market, the fruit travels for less than 24 hours, while the European market transit can take up to 25 days. 

Avocados from Jalisco complement Michoacan (the main producing region), because the season starts in July, and usually, between May and July, there is not enough volume from Mexico to supply the U.S. market. 

So the new exporting region intends to fill up that gap so Mexican avocados are available to the U.S. year-round.