Halo Shipments May be Down this Season Due to California Rains

Halo Shipments May be Down this Season Due to California Rains

Wonderful Citrus headquartered in Delano, CA reports its Halo loadings could be down about 2 percent this season, due to torrential California rains. The company accounts for 25% to 30% of the total category volume in North America.

Any decline in the fruit this season is being attributed to unharvested citrus.
Soaked land in a grove can suffer substantial damage from harvest equipment.

This winter the greatest rainfall is flooding the central and northern parts of the San Joaquin Valley. Wonderful grows Halos through much of the valley’s 200-mile length, ending at Madera north of Fresno.

Recent precipitation levels across the state are well above average for this time of year at about 130-160% of average. Still, despite the storms, most major reservoirs – before the January 9 storm – were still anywhere between 40-60% of their historical average fill.

Wonderful Citrus has geographically and climatically diverse plantings to optimize market availability through the season. The strategy also helps dodge widespread damage, as is being proven this month.

Halos are shipped from November until about June. In recent years, new varieties were planted to extend this season from mid-May. Halos’ largest volume peaks in February and March. Last year’s volume was very light. The 2022-23 supply is up at least 20 percent.

Halos shipped from November into early January are Clementines. In the second half of the shipping season, the Halos brand is composed of mandarins, Tango, and Western Murcott.

While Wonderful Halos are shipped across North America, the heaviest distribution is in the central United States, as well as the length of the eastern seaboard. To a lesser extent, the company has a presence west of the Rockies.